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karen [2.21.11]

I wanted to share some photos from one of my favorite sessions this past fall.

Meet Karen.


She wanted to surprise her husband with photos of the family for Christmas.

And man does she have one. beautiful. family.





Karen is particularly special to me because she was the first person I met when I walked through the doors of my sons’ preschool in the Fall of ’09


I will never forget that day. We already loved our neighborhood, and we had a strong desire to have our kids in school with our neighbors instead of driving to a school in a different community. Until a couple of days before school started for the little guys, that’s what we had resigned ourselves that we had to do. Having God open that door was quite a blessed surprise for me and Jamie.

From the moment we started the two schools our sons attend, moved to this neighborhood and became a part of this community, it just felt right. Like coming home. And that doesn’t always happen. I really saw God’s care for me and my family clearly that day. Some of the situations and circumstances earlier in our family’s story had been really tough and lonely. If it hadn’t been for those times, I wouldn’t be able appreciate life NOW as fully. It really makes it so much sweeter. There are so many blessings. A school where we know the other families. 30 minute walks that always seem to last more than an hour because we see so many friends along the way. The neighborhood kids feeling equally at home in each others houses.

Pardon my rambling on and on….looking at these photos of Karen and her kiddos just reminds me of how grateful I am to be where God has planted us now. We are savoring these sweet days!